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28th-Jun-2010 06:21 pm(no subject)
Name: Elyssa

Age: 21

About Me: I am an avid writer currently suffering from an intense bout of writer's block. Despite that, writing is my life and I am very dedicated to my two characters. I would LOVE to make some writing friends (or any friends!), especially those like myself who are devoted to certain characters or stories. I love sharing my characters with others and want very badly to meet people who want to share their characters or worlds with me as well.

About My Journal: I post whatever I write to my journal, no matter how terrible or short it is (and many of my pieces ARE terrible and short XD). I try to update several times a week but I am a slave to my muse so sometimes that changes. My journal is pretty well organized tag-wise so it's easy to navigate.

What I Write: Fiction, mostly, or whatever strikes my fancy. I have spent seven years writing about the same two characters, so they are a major focus of my LJ posts. I do not have one single storyline for these characters, though, but instead use them to explore hundreds of different stories, situations, and worlds. I suppose I should also say they're both men, in case someone is HORRIBLY INSULTED by stories involving two adult men and not, I don't know, anthro vampire albino wolves or whatever.

I also write some more spiritually-minded things (usually pertaining to writing itself) or simple descriptive pieces if the mood strikes me. My writing is usually very short, at most a few paragraphs, so I promise it doesn't take long to read. I also LOVE questions, so if you want to know more about a certain story/character/piece, PLEASE ask! It will make my freaking month. :D

Please check out my journal if any of this caught your eye. I'm not looking for a following, just some new friends. I promise I'm open and friendly and would love to talk to anyone here. Also, if you think I would enjoy your journal, feel free to send me a message saying just that. :3
28th-Jun-2010 06:11 pm(no subject)
My name is Anna :)I'm 15. I have many favorite books, so that's a hard one to answer. I've read so many I can't really pin just one, but most recently I finished reading Memoirs of a Geisha, which I really loved :) My favorite movies are endless...I want to be a director/actress/screenwriter, so of course I adore film ;D But I would have to say the french film Amelie, because of it's amazingly inspiring messages about life and not being afraid to open up to others. :)
I don't have a favorite work of art--I love most art. I do especially like artwork based on greek myths, gods and goddesses, though.
My creative outlet is writing, watching my favorite shows (I love it because I'm constantly imagining different plot options, and creating stories and ideas for the characters and settings all the while ;D, so that's how it's creative)... I also love drawing--I base all of my drawings on what I'm feeling at the time, or on characters from books I've read...or created myself. Also, setting I've imagined. I also like composing music and lyrics :D That's very fun and helps me let go of negative emotions.
I would like to meet any friends I have things in common with :) Being stuck in high school, I don't meet enough people I have things in common with, and it's really hard for me, not having people to talk about all things creative with :) I'd like to meet anyone who loves film and writing :) and theatre.
Umm...I guess that I love all people, it doesn't really matter if we have things in common or not :)
28th-Jun-2010 05:13 pm - introduce yourself
Here's a questionnaire you can fill out:

1. What is your first name or nickname?
2. How old are you?
3. Favourite book or books?
4. Favourite movie?
5. Favourite work of art? (photography, painting, sculpture, etc)
6. Do you have a creative outlet and if yes what is it?
7. What type of friends would you like to meet?
8. Anything else about you that we should know?
13th-Aug-2006 10:34 am(no subject)
Hello, my names Stephanie, you can also call me Cherri if you would like. I'm 19 and just quit going to art school cause I can't pay for it, hated being so far from home, and was really sick of guys not taking I have a boyfriend or no for an anwser... I'm living with my parents and working as a cashier. I like drawing, painting, I write some poems (sometimes I post them) and I used to try to write stories.

Right now in my life I'm going through a hard time.. but hey what artistic isn't.. So if you think I'm cool, don't mind me talking about my problems, or think I'm cool but would rather talk about you than me, drop me a line, maybe we can be friends.
26th-Jul-2006 04:21 pm - Introductory threads are so difficult
Hello, my name is Vanessa. I am a 19 year old sophomore in college. The main purpose of my journal is to be an accessory to my portfolio website, but I post about a lot of everyday stuff as well. I enjoy writing (fiction) and painting (watercolor).

Writing is my favored medium, and I prefer to write in the fantasy/scifi/life-drama genres. Right now I'm working on finding a middleroad where my expectations and my skills concerning writing can co-exist.

Painting is more stress relief than anything else. I think recently it's replaced poetry as an outlet. A local art gallery said that they'd consider giving me a showing if I had several more paintings for them to look at by the end of the year, so I'm working on that.
2nd-Jun-2006 12:58 pm - Hi.
Lonely tree.
Hi, my name is Katarina Bella. That's actually my nom de plume. This journal was created purely for my poetry, prose, songwriting, and whatever else comes from my brain that I'd like to save and/or get feedback on.

I'm a long-time LJer but just created this journal for the aforementioned purposes. I'd really like to make some friends who'd like to read my work, critique it, and just be themselves.

If you add me, I'll return the gesture.


8th-May-2006 07:49 pm - New Community
This community was created to be a fun & interesting forum for those who are artistic. Join and get to know others who are artistically inclined.
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