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My name is Anna :)I'm 15. I have many favorite books, so that's a… 
28th-Jun-2010 06:11 pm
My name is Anna :)I'm 15. I have many favorite books, so that's a hard one to answer. I've read so many I can't really pin just one, but most recently I finished reading Memoirs of a Geisha, which I really loved :) My favorite movies are endless...I want to be a director/actress/screenwriter, so of course I adore film ;D But I would have to say the french film Amelie, because of it's amazingly inspiring messages about life and not being afraid to open up to others. :)
I don't have a favorite work of art--I love most art. I do especially like artwork based on greek myths, gods and goddesses, though.
My creative outlet is writing, watching my favorite shows (I love it because I'm constantly imagining different plot options, and creating stories and ideas for the characters and settings all the while ;D, so that's how it's creative)... I also love drawing--I base all of my drawings on what I'm feeling at the time, or on characters from books I've read...or created myself. Also, setting I've imagined. I also like composing music and lyrics :D That's very fun and helps me let go of negative emotions.
I would like to meet any friends I have things in common with :) Being stuck in high school, I don't meet enough people I have things in common with, and it's really hard for me, not having people to talk about all things creative with :) I'd like to meet anyone who loves film and writing :) and theatre.
Umm...I guess that I love all people, it doesn't really matter if we have things in common or not :)
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