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Name: Elyssa Age: 21 About Me: I am an avid writer currently… 
28th-Jun-2010 06:21 pm
Name: Elyssa

Age: 21

About Me: I am an avid writer currently suffering from an intense bout of writer's block. Despite that, writing is my life and I am very dedicated to my two characters. I would LOVE to make some writing friends (or any friends!), especially those like myself who are devoted to certain characters or stories. I love sharing my characters with others and want very badly to meet people who want to share their characters or worlds with me as well.

About My Journal: I post whatever I write to my journal, no matter how terrible or short it is (and many of my pieces ARE terrible and short XD). I try to update several times a week but I am a slave to my muse so sometimes that changes. My journal is pretty well organized tag-wise so it's easy to navigate.

What I Write: Fiction, mostly, or whatever strikes my fancy. I have spent seven years writing about the same two characters, so they are a major focus of my LJ posts. I do not have one single storyline for these characters, though, but instead use them to explore hundreds of different stories, situations, and worlds. I suppose I should also say they're both men, in case someone is HORRIBLY INSULTED by stories involving two adult men and not, I don't know, anthro vampire albino wolves or whatever.

I also write some more spiritually-minded things (usually pertaining to writing itself) or simple descriptive pieces if the mood strikes me. My writing is usually very short, at most a few paragraphs, so I promise it doesn't take long to read. I also LOVE questions, so if you want to know more about a certain story/character/piece, PLEASE ask! It will make my freaking month. :D

Please check out my journal if any of this caught your eye. I'm not looking for a following, just some new friends. I promise I'm open and friendly and would love to talk to anyone here. Also, if you think I would enjoy your journal, feel free to send me a message saying just that. :3
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